For first time visitors
120Age of copy - program

"Siete Bingen's 120-year-old program" for the first time to participants.

"Siete Bingen's 120-year-old program ' that anyone can join
It is a health program.
A one-time training fee 3000 yen.(Tax included) is.
No joining fees, annual fees, absolutely.
Participation procedure is as follows.

First class schedule class guide homepage or contact us please.
Every time prior to our reservations by phone or mail, or during the course please join book next time.

Who for the first time on the day of 15 minutes prior to welcome at the venue, please fill out the letter of consent.
Please pay the tuition fee of 3000 Yen in cash.
Please note that the change of space is not available.
Towel to wipe the sweat, each one bring hope.

Can attend the program for about an hour.
[Course details]
And today's teaser(Approximately 10 minutes)
-Timesavers for today's exercises part 1(15Minutes)
-One point advice for how to improve your gymnastics part 2 (10 minutes)
And for today's 120-year-old regimen(20Minutes)

30Stands, imposes a tiebreak and ask questions.

The cheers for you!
Your way to the next book.
Please note that prepaid only on that day when it comes to fees, but not so.

【! Notes! 】

-Place when the number of participants exceeds the capacity is limited, so registration closed. Guests participate in preference to another during the course we will adjust.

And during the program, the mood was gone bad who now staff please.

And may be asked to exit if the venue was the instructor and other participants would be annoying behavior, etc.. Also, please note that you may refuse to participate since the Department.

-Refund of the tuition fees whatsoever and will not.

And because there is no private parking available nearby parking, etc..