Siete bingeing US 120-year-old program



「シエ・ビンジェン 人類120歳プログラム」の一番重要なポイントは人それぞれの独特の道があることです。










自然の使者 謝 炳鑑 シエ・ビンジェン

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シエ・ビンジェン 人類120歳プログラム 
【地・水・火・風 4つの要素から成る鍛錬法】

120From the ordinary people thought age program also experienced no power(Shy) is to develop training methods.
Change the consciousness and experience (for example, heavy ball "this light is.
Convinced of the. "Stable" is convinced that an unstable chain. ) I think you'll notice the importance of that.
60 years of life, at most 70 years-people thought that 80 years, "possibility of life of 120 years old is? "And the problems raised by changing the consciousness, born changing selection of everyday life and the idea that it is the purpose of this program.

4Two factors

1.Ground (power)
Away as possible from the heart and brain muscle(Including the fingertips) trains.
Finger iron balls up is a typical training method.

2.Water (flexible)
Make a unique flexible way. Man's life with the needed flexibility.
→ to vivacious elderly fall prevention lifelong themselves walking goals.
Excessive hip and back flexibility, scratched up into muscle and muscle to reverse it may be counterproductive in the future.
Doji gong will stretch the back legs from thigh is a typical training method.

3.Fire (speed)
It is consciousness training.
A gripping reflection is a typical training method.

4.Wind (balance)
It is consciousness training. It is a practice with training on the chain and ball.
Stranded wire is a typical training method.

1-Born in cell division, new body to complete the 4 muscles and muscle and blood vessels that you can walk on the road to longevity.