In the Ginza core exhibition starting today!

Today 10/20 more fun heart art Ginza in Ginza core building 4F, Xie's solo exhibition will be held.
We would hear from visitors, mind.
10April 20-26
Easy heart art Ginza

Admission is free.

This morning's manufacturing landscape.

Wild cooking!

Yang's fun mind staff(Men)I saw peeping because something is boiling in a large pot.

During the cattle bones and internal organs. (Surprise! )

I got dinner food home (Northeast China) in. (Gusto! )

In a garlic soy sauce will meat liver and pig's feet and spine. (Delicious! )

Wild outdoor party, the best!

Ginza exhibition will be held.

People I wanted to meet teacher of Xie had been, and waiting now.
Next week, fun heart art Ginza held exhibition of Professor Xie.
During the period, the venue Xie teacher, exaltation, urushibara also, so I do feel free to let the voice sounds!
Visitors are welcome!

Make persimmons!

Next is the angle. In the garden of persimmon trees not remaining persimmon is a piece(Lol)
Dr. Xie's favorite persimmon.

Everyone made dried persimmons.

There is no moisture, clean airy rooms on the second floor.
It is a pleasure.

Happy-CHAN to Yamagata!

Irish setter happy-Chan came Yamagata.
After 3 months on plane. the size is different. Is now at 3.5 kg, 21 kg.
It is deposited in the gauge for LL sizes.
Good luck ~.

Shonai airport is. Pounding.
What kind of face I ~.

Full of energy!
Chokai mountain in the back.

10January edition start!

Finally started to be 10 Edition. We appeared on TV writer Woods Dr., easy-to-understand what it is.

Today was talk about attitude.
Teacher Xie straight back!