Good morning health gymnastics journal

On "good morning health gymnastics" Once recorded. It is in under the eaves of the old house was the rain, but the shooting.

Chappie snuggle up to the teacher is too cute!

Thankfully, we welcome many exhibition in Ginza, in October and was clearly the program further.
TV writer Mori teacher was if very healthy in this exercise. Get a guest appearance as an experienced person, and really appreciate it.

Exemplary exercises, fun heart ball, fun heart ring introduction by yan, a refreshing smile thank you also. There are new discoveries every day, using the gym and next ball, and told with a smile! I hope!

Always fresh energetic Hsieh teacher.
11/30The 55-year-old is(!!)
This day's song party in Ginza.
Please join us in celebration of the go-go!
For more information, fun heart art Ginza area.