Sievingen's first CD album "power to live"

BS-TBS "good morning health gymnastics" sievingen the first music CD album will be released.

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[Tracklist] total 14 songs
Twelve gymnastics theme song (Composer Xie wooden mirror)
1. universe yin and Yang
-2. I entered tanda
3. Lion Academy ball
4. If the heavens open
5. Eagle claw Kung (Eagle pose)
6. Yan child flying body (Yan pose)
7. Crane Xiang long empty (The crane pose)
8. Circle Gong step(Walking the circle)
9. Top of heaven hotel
10. Heaven and Earth sanity
11. Wheels fist
12. Damn back present
Once again, stand up,(Lyricist / composer Xie wooden mirror)
Try again cellovarjohn stand up.

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4On Ginza, 5 month exhibition at Kyoto roaring finished with.
Visitors, thanks so much.
Kyoto is a favorite teacher Xie.
After the exhibition, visited the nanzen-JI.

↑ Dr. Xie long vest in Kyoto!?And the Tyrolean Hat!?Was perfect reputation!

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