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In Tama city, Tokyo and Asakusa is compelling Siete teacher sign out!

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Near passing, look at us!

Siete Bingen teacher advocate and the 120-year-old program is?
In the blog little by little, introduce its contents.

In this program, first as the entrance suggests the Siete teacher you can do daily exercises and regimens.
As a very general idea, "going to the gym. "" Go to 00. "We exercise hours per week.
I think this is good.
The! Siete teacher is important in everyday life, the "anytime, anywhere, you can now! "It.
Always in life doing short time even a little exercise is very effective and will last longer.
In fact, Siete teacher is not training for a long time and the same motion over and over.

It is very very deep theories!
The 120-year-old program will become a way of life itself. Goal is to improve the quality of daily life.
Please please do join us again!

120-Year-old program for first time visitors

120-Year-old program September classes!

9The "Siete Bingen's 120-year-old program ' offered.
120In addition to teaching gymnastics and the entrance way to the age of
Course can be confirmed or not important in everyday life, how to raise awareness, I think.
And guidance is every time! "Good morning healthy physical exercise" is a familiar Siete Bingen teacher.
Registration fee, the fee of 3,000 yen per will, with no annual fee.

Coming soon "good morning health gymnastics" and enter a sixth year, and five years since the program started.
Teacher has continued warming "humanity 120-year-old program" will finally start!

This website also "Siete Bingen's 120-year-old program", are going please let me introduce some of them.
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First of all,For the first time to 120-year-old programPlease read!