Yamagata solo exhibition

Yamagata solo exhibition

11On the 25th()The moreXie wooden mirror Siete Bingen teacherThe exhibition starts!
Yamagata Sakata city, Yamagata gym teacher (Yamagata music mind).
Is a 100-year-old great old houses!

Exhibition in Ginza the other day continues, this angle in the Sakata!We sincerely look forward to

[Xie Beyong's solo exhibition IN Yamagata Sakata]

Date: 11/25()-27(Day) for 3 days
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 (last day until 17:00)
Venue: Yamagata Sakata-Shi Naka-Cho 2-Chome 5-1
Marine 5 Qing mizuya 4th floor venue(Before the elevator)

To the venue access, contact and other
03-3524-9388 Co., Ltd. easy heartTo contact us.

This is a solo exhibition at the second day.

This is the Ginza solo 2 day.
Even today a lot of people came.

Photos of the gallery this morning.
Just zunda, he is of course teacher Xie.

Picture of pyramid
120Would figure who goes on the road for years.

Venue is a teacher of calligraphy in the tissue. Everyone taking a breath and watch.

Ginza exhibition starts!

10-11(Fire)The Siete Bingen Ginza exhibition starts!

↓ ↓ first day 10/11(Fire)More 11:30 ↓ ↓

Xie wooden mirror(Siete Bingen)Dr. openinggallerytalk

And! Of the day in the gallery this month as Assistant make a guest appearance
OBA Masako (OBA Masa.) who also speak with the guest!
Ohba says that seems to be the experience of Chinese martial arts.
Gymnastic moves is still beautiful!

Is a six-day exhibition
During the Xie teacher and fun minded staff, venue we sincerely look forward to.

Miss everyone so far, Ginza several times come to us!
And now for the first time kunstkammer!

1 week and inspiring meeting, looking forward to!

To access the contact and other

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