Kyoto exhibition in kyotango Kumi beach town.

Solo exhibition at Ginza, thanks to great success ended.
I received many visitors, thank you very much.

Now, shie-Bingen teacher, tomorrow, Kyoto, is a departure in the tango.
Would you believe it! Tomorrow Kyoto is to open a shop teacher produced a tango.
Teachers rush to open 2 opening that is!

In this restaurant dates below hosted teacher exhibition.

Antique Cafe faith Chapel
Kyoto, kumihama 3033 Tango city
TEL. 0772-82-5088

Contact us-TEL Ltd music mind 03-3524-9388 (Ursi Bara)

Please come to the blessing of the Japan Sea, historical city of Kumi town!

Contact us) fun heart co., Ltd. TEL 03-3524-9388 (Ursi Bara)

Today's exhibition at Ginza.

Today Ginza daikokuya Gallery held exhibitions.
This chappie also appeared in the works!
Come and visit us!

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090-9678-8388 Easy heart co., Ltd.

Ginza exhibition guide

Announcement on the Internet is slow, I'm sorry.
Ginza Siete Bingen's solo exhibition will be held on the following dates.

Ginza daikokuya Gallery
5-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-6 7F

Date and time:
4On the 25th(Fire)-30 days() 6Days Ended.
11:00-19:00 (Last day 17:00まで)

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Urushihara co., Ltd. music mind(Ursi Bala) 090-9678-8388