11-Conference Announcement [Sendai]]

10We have held lectures in Hiroshima and Nagoya.
The venue for both the approach of a typhoon! Despite the passion fill your visitors,
Was able to quit successfully.

Of the Hiroshima ↓

This is Nagoya ↓

11The Siete teachers continue in Sendai.
Going for gold! US 120-year-old lecture
11-26(Day) 14:00  
1-10-1 Central Aoba-Ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Sendai station advance room
Humothfiveville 6F seminar meeting room
TEL 022-221-6265

-Venue websiteSendai rental meeting rooms for.net

Conference inquiries, please
-Fun heart TEL 03-3524-9388

Typhoon also left, wind is calm, balmy evening it was.
Dog's next three shots!
Left (familiar chappy girl)
Central (in the happy girl appeared once in a while)
Left (golby boys this year ranks!)

10-Free lecture (Hiroshima, Nagoya)

Ginza, Tokyo, Osaka and Siete teacher to the 120-year-old road free lectures,
It was a great success.
Siete teacher, Hiroshima and Nagoya will continue October!
The CD's for sale there, so stay tuned!

"Aim for! Road to the 120-year-old "is to continue listening to the teacher's story, more and more
"To act, believe it! "And we feel.
120And "struggle" is way to old.
It is packed with deep story.
Come and join us!

10-21(Sat.) 14:00  Ended.
Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima Minami-ku, East Kojin-machi 3-35
Hiroshima Office Center 5F, no. G Conference room
TEL 082-263-8600

10-28(Soil) 14:00Ended.
2-5-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture
Parks Sakae treasure building 4F, 4-d Conference Room 1

Inquiry and application
-Fun heart TEL 03-3524-9388