Happy new year!

Happy new year and congratulations!
Thank you again this year.

Sunny new year's day! Sunrise was beautiful.

↑ do you see walking the chappie!

It is the gift of beef. The drool.

This year also thank also my puppy.

Happy new year January Shizuoka at the lecture.

Going for gold! 120-year-old's lectures
1October 27, (Saturday) 13:30-
CSA rent room 6-E
Shizuoka, Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, Miyuki-Cho 11-8
Layup Miyuki-Cho building
TEL 054-269-5070

From JR Shizuoka station walking 3 minutes

-Venue websiteCSA Conference

Conference inquiries, please
-Fun heart TEL 03-3524-9388

Broadcast announcement
12/25(Moon)-1/4(Wood)A special organization to be broadcast.