Tomorrow is the solo exhibition at Ginza!

Tomorrow's 2/13()The BS-TBS "good morning health gymnastics" on familiar, shie-Bingen teacher
Starts the exhibition at Ginza!

He was crafting works until this morning!
It is a great energy!
This goddess is a renewalkhoyakhoya.
(I'm painting is renewed! )

Of your merciful gaze is fun heart ball?

And then complete piece in front of a wood-burning stove for your favorite break the Siete is a teacher.
This photo is taken by chance on a wood-burning stove please pay attention

"Morning cup of warm water" is one of the important health law of the Siete teacher path to the 120-year-old.
(Written in the KADOKAWA book! )"Morning gymnastics DVD Book" ADOAWA

This is the kettle boil hot water in the morning. It is always on the tetsubin iron kettles on show!
Plain warm water boiled in an iron Kettle I had, but did taste mellow and friendly.
It is nice that you can get iron.
Anyone interested! Please ask at the venue!

I look forward to more visitors, mind you!

Siete Bingen solo exhibition "!!120-year-old man.
2May 13, (Tuesday)-18, (Sunday) 11:00~18:00 Ended.
17 is the last day:00Until the
During the period, Mr. Hall? For more information, please contact us. (TEL 03-3524-9388)
5-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
7F, Ginza daikokuya Gallery →Gallery Home page
TEL 03-3571-0008

On the first day 2/13 (Tuesday) 14:00~Opening gallery talk
Good morning gymnastics health familiar in
Siete Bingen "aim! Humanity road to the 120-year-old "(no reservations, free admission)

-Fun heart TEL 03-3524-9388