Kyoto exhibition in kyotango Kumi beach town.

Solo exhibition at Ginza, thanks to great success ended.
I received many visitors, thank you very much.

Now, shie-Bingen teacher, tomorrow, Kyoto, is a departure in the tango.
Would you believe it! Tomorrow Kyoto is to open a shop teacher produced a tango.
Teachers rush to open 2 opening that is!

In this restaurant dates below hosted teacher exhibition.

Antique Cafe faith Chapel
Kyoto, kumihama 3033 Tango city
TEL. 0772-82-5088

Contact us-TEL Ltd music mind 03-3524-9388 (Ursi Bara)

Please come to the blessing of the Japan Sea, historical city of Kumi town!

Contact us) fun heart co., Ltd. TEL 03-3524-9388 (Ursi Bara)

120-Year-old program September classes!

9The "Siete Bingen's 120-year-old program ' offered.
120In addition to teaching gymnastics and the entrance way to the age of
Course can be confirmed or not important in everyday life, how to raise awareness, I think.
And guidance is every time! "Good morning healthy physical exercise" is a familiar Siete Bingen teacher.
Registration fee, the fee of 3,000 yen per will, with no annual fee.

Coming soon "good morning health gymnastics" and enter a sixth year, and five years since the program started.
Teacher has continued warming "humanity 120-year-old program" will finally start!

This website also "Siete Bingen's 120-year-old program", are going please let me introduce some of them.
Earlier this month, automatic translation and SNS added.
Please use it!

First of all,For the first time to 120-year-old programPlease read!