It was Osaka Conference.

Today, at Osaka Umeda sky building pave the 120-year-old free lecture meeting was held.
Morning depart Tokyo dosha getting off was when's Outlook recover even if weather, great in the Umeda sky building in Osaka
The lecture was held.

Despite the considerable distance from the train station, our visitors thank you very much.
Great for appearance alone to come to Osaka during 94 years old your H-like
From the round of applause?

It was a lecture meeting of passion and laughter.

10Moon and pave the 120-year-old free seminars will be held as follows.
Our reservation, so please phone book.

10-21(Sat.) 14:00  Ended.
Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima Minami-ku, East Kojin-machi 3-35
Hiroshima Office Center 5F, no. G Conference room
TEL 082-263-8600

10-28(Soil) 14:00 Ended.
2-5-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-Shi, Aichi Prefecture
Parks Sakae Sakae Bldg. 4F, 4-d Conference Room 1
TEL 052-485-9410

Inquiry and application
-Fun heart TEL 03-3524-9388

Yamagata exhibition day 1

The exhibition started in Yamagata Sakata.
Sakata Xie teacher fun heart mountain shape.
This is a great mansion over 100 years old.

In the running for a wood-burning stove!
This solo exhibition after the next day sui Rim Board here(Roundtable meetings, Mr. Xie)
Will do.
28(Moon) 14:00~16:00
Address, Yamagata Sakata Nakano Nitta in % 20
* Upon joining free contact is 03-3524-9388

For more information, first shimizuya marine 5 to his ongoing solo exhibition please.

[Xie Beyong's solo exhibition IN Yamagata Sakata]
Date: 11/25(Gold)-27(Day) for 3 days
Opening hours: 11:00-19:00 (last day until 17:00)
Venue: Yamagata Sakata-Shi Naka-Cho 2-Chome 5-1
Marine 5 Qing mizuya 4th floor venue(Before the elevator)

Xie is in today's exhibition.
Solo is a trademark Hat❗

Inquiries regarding exhibition 03-3524-9388.

120-year-old man with the program (1)

In Tama city, Tokyo and Asakusa is compelling Siete teacher sign out!

↑ Seiseki blossom Tokyo Tama city school 4-9-3 sekido

↑ Tokyo, Taito-ku, Asakusa 7-5-2 A-SKY
Near passing, look at us!

Siete Bingen teacher advocate and the 120-year-old program is?
In the blog little by little, introduce its contents.

In this program, first as the entrance suggests the Siete teacher you can do daily exercises and regimens.
As a very general idea, "going to the gym. "" Go to 00. "We exercise hours per week.
I think this is good.
The! Siete teacher is important in everyday life, the "anytime, anywhere, you can now! "It.
Always in life doing short time even a little exercise is very effective and will last longer.
In fact, Siete teacher is not training for a long time and the same motion over and over.

It is very very deep theories!
The 120-year-old program will become a way of life itself. Goal is to improve the quality of daily life.
Please please do join us again!

120-Year-old program for first time visitors

Wild cooking!

Yang's fun mind staff(Men)I saw peeping because something is boiling in a large pot.

During the cattle bones and internal organs. (Surprise! )

I got dinner food home (Northeast China) in. (Gusto! )

In a garlic soy sauce will meat liver and pig's feet and spine. (Delicious! )

Wild outdoor party, the best!

Make persimmons!

Next is the angle. In the garden of persimmon trees not remaining persimmon is a piece(Lol)
Dr. Xie's favorite persimmon.

Everyone made dried persimmons.

There is no moisture, clean airy rooms on the second floor.
It is a pleasure.

Happy-CHAN to Yamagata!

Irish setter happy-Chan came Yamagata.
After 3 months on plane. the size is different. Is now at 3.5 kg, 21 kg.
It is deposited in the gauge for LL sizes.
Good luck ~.

Shonai airport is. Pounding.
What kind of face I ~.

Full of energy!
Chokai mountain in the back.

Walking time

The next morning starts walking my puppy people.
Today is the two-shot Dr. Xie and chappie.

I'm now going out for a walk to Ginza.
It seems to happen.(Lol)

Thatch roofers

Modo gate of the courtyard has been spoiled, because I got repaired.
It is always a craftsman.
Scaffolding racks.

Missing rafters brought, immediately cut in with zhenzhu, scaffolding and hung up. It is indeed! Ad hoc is, however, this boss is great.

There was pain than I had expected.

It is repaired.
Thank you very much❗️

At Mie Aoyama Kogen

After a long time in the Villa of Mie Prefecture.
At the Aoyama plateau.
Xie is becoming stretched.
In this NAP was not!
However, I have been flying around the Japan national...

Xie teacher flower series

"Good morning health gymnastics" tomorrow's journal so revival, wood-burning stove is burnt, to fresh air.
Thatched roof requires wood-burning stove in the humid season!
Xie teacher gave me some flowers.
Tomorrow shooting fun!