It is delivered the morning of.

It is delivered the morning of.
Is the chokai mountain seen from easier mind mountains this morning.
Garden will fly several dozen swans.

The appearance of music heart of Yamagata.

Today is the second day of exhibition.
Venue is the shimizuya marine 5 4th floor elevator before.(11:00-19:00)
We look forward very much!

Sievingen's first CD album "power to live"

BS-TBS "good morning health gymnastics" sievingen the first music CD album will be released.

"Zest" price: 4104 yen (tax included)
(Scheduled for July delivery)
Mind fun rewards! Original post card (what autographed) gifts!

[Tracklist] total 14 songs
Twelve gymnastics theme song (Composer Xie wooden mirror)
1. universe yin and Yang
-2. I entered tanda
3. Lion Academy ball
4. If the heavens open
5. Eagle claw Kung (Eagle pose)
6. Yan child flying body (Yan pose)
7. Crane Xiang long empty (The crane pose)
8. Circle Gong step(Walking the circle)
9. Top of heaven hotel
10. Heaven and Earth sanity
11. Wheels fist
12. Damn back present
Once again, stand up,(Lyricist / composer Xie wooden mirror)
Try again cellovarjohn stand up.

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Phone orders until 03-3524-9388.

Ginza in a solo exhibition.

It is in a solo exhibition of Professor Xie.

The venue we nave of teachers!
I look forward to!
(Free admission)
4/19 (Tuesday)-24 (Sunday) 6 days Ended.
11:00-19:00 (the last 18:00)
7F, daikokuya Gallery, Tokyo Ginza
5-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Ginza central street, near the intersection of Ginza 4-Chome.

Selling books.

"Heart is filled with joy morning gymnastics DVD Book.
Author: Xie wooden mirror
Publisher: KADOKAWA
Release date: 3/2016
Publication type: book
Price: 1512 Yen

Halt the broadcast of new year's holidays

BS-TBS "good morning healthy exercise.
This year's 12 月 22 日(Fire)The new year's 1/4(Moon)From the broadcast.

Easy heart art Ginza relocation notice

3/1A fun mind art Ginza will be relocated.
Relocation is the Ginza music mind-building.

NewEasy heart art Ginza
104-0061, Japan
Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 3-12-19 Ginza music mind building 4F,
(Name Ginza-RI HA building housed)
TEL. 03-3524-9388

Ginza music mind building map(← Please click)

January event announcements.

A happy new year.
Thank you again this year.

Ginza music mind-building at new year, Xie's solo exhibition will be held.
Walk from the Ginza core, is a stylish building in about five minutes.
Come and visit us.

Exhibition name
"Xie wooden's health and light art exhibition"

1/21/2015(Water)-25 days() 

Ginza music mind-building
(Name Ginza-RI HA building housed)
104-0061, Japan
Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 3-12-19
Ginza music mind building 4F,
TEL. 03-5537-8388

Ginza music mind building map
(← Please click)

Yamagata diary part 2

Chevron House is a fine old house more than 100-year-old. Interior is all Xie's design.
This room is lit mysterious space and why.
The room is large, so not fit in the picture!
On the sofa nonchalantly guitar.
This event then teacher song BTW, I wish I'd thought.

We updated our website!

Next homepage is renewed!
From smartphones and mobile effortlessly with will be found.
Of course, your computer is safe from.
Fun in the fun heart art Ginza and the show's introduction,
Fun information you want to tell everyone, so
Thank you!

Easy heart art Ginza-11-event schedulePlease click here!